Saturday 25th August 2012 – Reyneu to Opornyy.

Reyneu to Opornyy. 73 miles.

Not doing too well on the accommodation here in Kazakhstan, it was fine in Aktau, but it’s definitely gone down hill! First night had a room with shared bathroom, no toilet, that was just a hole in the ground outside, which is fine, but no electricity! The next night had a room with electricity but no bathroom just the hole in the ground outside! Last nights room, electricity, shared bathroom and inside toilet! But I had to share the room with the manager! Poor him! And tonight nothing, pitched camp in the most sheltered, out of the wind and out of sight place I could find, under the road in a rain pipe, which will be fine as long as it doesn’t rain!

Hard ride again today, had a strong headwind! But I’ve had my first full day here on tarmac!

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