Saturday 25th February 2012 – Painan to Tapan.

Painan to Tapan. 83 miles.

Woke to the sound of the sea gentle lapping up on the beach this morning and went and had a coffee with Eddie and his wife the cafe owners. I remember Eddie saying something about a crocodile last night but I wasn’t too sure what he was saying about it. Soon found out this morning, he’s only got one as a pet in the garden, in this big tank, think he caught it when it was small it’s now at least 6ft long and I think he said it was 24. Think Eddie was a bit of character!

After saying goodbye to Eddie and his wife I carried on my way. It wasn’t long before I was joined by a man on scooter who started to talk to me as we went along, as people do all the time. Anyway he was an english teacher and invited me to come along to his school and meet the students, seeing as I enjoyed it so much last time in China I said yes and off we went the 5 or 6 km to the school.

Again it was a really enjoyable visit, the classes seemed a bit chaotic and noisy but the students listened to what I had to say and asked me plenty if questions. I had photos taken with the students and teachers and even signed some autographs! After speaking and talking to two different classes I went to the staff room and met the other teachers and was given coffee and doughnuts, must have spent nearly 2 hours at the school but it was another really good experience!

It’s been pretty hard going today, not the the roads or the heat, it just seemed that everybody that I spoke to today wanted me to go to their house. I always feel really guilty saying no because I enjoy going to see locals and their homes, it’s always a good experience and I know the people really do want to show you their hospitality, but I also like to do my 80 miles a day!

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