Saturday 26th July. Sennen to Bridestowe. 92 miles.

Misty start to the day which is apparently what it’s like most of the time at Lands End but after about 10 miles the mist had gone and it was nice and sunny. Fairly easy ride today all on the A30 which is the main road in and out of Cornwall, as you can imagine it’s rather busy but that doesn’t bother me, I’d rather have cars and lorries anytime of the day instead of ridiculously steep hills, there are still plenty of hills and some of them are pretty long but at least there not so steep! I also think you tend to see a lot more, the roads are more open as opposed to the quiet country roads that usually have high hedges either side so you don’t see anything, also the main roads normally  have a little hard shoulder which you can ride on, so you even have your own little lane! Quite randomly I got given some jelly baby sweets by a Norwegian family who were sitting in a rest area at the top of a climb on Bodmin moor and had been watching me struggle up!

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