Bike-Ride To Australia 26th-November 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia 26th-November 2011 Istanbul. It’s my second day of not turning a peddle. I’m starting to get withdrawal symptoms! Not really, I’m enjoying playing the tourist with Julie. First, on our list, this morning was the Grand Bazaar. What a shoppers paradise! I’m not into shopping at all, but what a fascinating place! There were hundreds of shops. I think you could have bought almost anything in the warren of alleys. And yes, we managed to get lost!

Reluctantly I bought a pair of shoes today! Julie thought I should dress a bit smarter when we went out to eat! She was supposed to bring a pair of shoes for me from home, but she forgot! Really? More like she didn’t have room in her case, judging by all the clothes I’ve seen! Shoes in hand, we then went to the Spice market. The selection of spices was enormous, half of them I’d never even heard of! The air was full of lovely smells and aromas, another fascinating place.

The Blue Mosque Istanbul, Turkey
The Blue Mosque

After lunch, we made our way to the Blue Mosque, so-called because of the blue tiles that adorn the walls! They were everywhere, on the walls, the columns holding up the roof, and on the domed ceilings! There’s certainly a lot of them! An impressive building.

It gets very tiring walking around playing the tourist, and somebody’s always trying to sell you something! Or they come up to give you advice and say that they’re not a tour guide. They just want to help! But, interestingly, they’ve got a carpet shop around the corner, come and have a look! Now that would be impressive carrying a carpet on my bike to Australia! So many people with carpet shops!

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