Cycle Touring England Saturday 26th September. Bognor Regis to Portsmouth. 24 miles.

Talk about last! At about midday today I suddenly decided it was too nice to stay at home and have come away camping again! It doesn’t take me long to load the bike up as the panniers are already packed I just have to pack the one that contains my clothes which with the amount I take really don’t take lo g in fact packing all my tablets takes longer!. But before I went away for the night I stopped off in Hunston near Chichester for the annual canoeing event. A canoeing event aimed at introducing people to canoeing. The day starts off with raft racing between local teams from various groups, pubs clubs and shops basically if you can get a team together of about eight people of any age you could enter or even if there wasn’t enough for a team there are always plenty of people on hand that would make up the numbers. After the raft racing follows the canoeing which gives people again of any age or ability a chance to have a go. As much as I enjoy this event I find standing around these days very uncomfortable so by coming away camping it gave me an excuse to leave the event early and also have a half desent ride to ease my back after the standing around! I did manage to stay there for about two and half hours before making my excuses and leaving. Not before I’d had chance to catch up with friends that I hadn’t seen for a while though, which is always nice. I had a nice fast ride down here I think I may have done it in about an hour and a half. Not too sure if I’m going to continue heading west tomorrow or not yet as the campsite that I usually use in the New Forest closes for the winter on Monday so it would be my last chance this year to go down there.

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