Saturday 27th July. Rush.

No rush today, I’m still in Rush!

Rocks sea
Along the coast towards Dublin

Been lazy today and decided to stop for another day in Rush!

Apart from being lazy the other reason is, the ferry I’m hoping to catch gets me into Holyhead at about 6pm, and I don’t think there’s a campsite close by! Well certainly not on the road I need to head out on, so I’ll have to check in to a hotel for the night.

Boats in harbour
The little harbour in Rush

And when I had a brief look at hotels, they were very expensive on a Saturday night, but drop right down on a Sunday.

Boats in harbour
Another view of the harbour

Not done a lot today, went down to the little harbour, and I mean little! Then just to the supermarket.

Oh, one other thing, I actually checked and pumped my tyres up, now wasn’t I good!

2 Replies to “Saturday 27th July. Rush.”

  1. All those wide open spaces and then you’re bottlenecked into a ferry. My other hero is Dervla Murphy. She cycled to India. Bet you’ll be glad to get out of Rush. Have you had any good meals in Ireland apart from breakfasts?
    Best wishes – Malc.

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