Saturday 27th October 2012 – Gaotai to Shandan.

Gaotai to Shandan. 95 miles.

That same women from yesterday was on the toll booth this morning, just as I was about to ride through she stopped me. Now what, even though I know I’m not meant to ride on here! All she done was take a picture then let me go through!

Spent most of the day trying to work out where I was! I knew I was on the right road, it’s a toll road, so I can’t really go wrong! I just couldn’t find myself on the map. It wasn’t until nearly the end of the day I worked out where I was, I’d turned my map over by mistake and wasn’t even on it until the end of the day! It is all in Chinese, so it’s hard enough to work out at the best of times! Well that’s my excuse!

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