Saturday 28th January 2012 – Phonhong to Udonthani, Thailand.

Phonhong to Udonthani, Thailand. 94 miles

No chickens at 4.30 this morning, just the children from the guesthouse running up and down the corridor!

Flat roads, what a joy, very dusty again today, but the roads weren’t quite as bad as yesterday, although I did get another puncture!

Made good progress despite the puncture and was at the Laos Thai border at lunch time. Very easy crossing today, a little bit too easy! Got my exit stamp and proceeded to ride across the Friendship bridge which wasn’t anything special, went through the checkpoint without being stopped it was only after the road opened out I realised I’d got in without a stamp! So had to turn around and get one, didn’t want to be an illegal alien and get arrested!

Very good roads so far hopefully they’ll continue, can’t hang around as my visa only lasts for 14 days! Going to be a bit tight getting across in that time, but I’ll worry about it nearer the time.

Bit of a problem finding somewhere to stop tonight, I saw one hotel called the Grand and thought that would be expensive so went in search of something else, after riding around the city for nearly an hour and not finding a single other hotel I headed back to the Grand. Very expensive £11! Always say it’s best to stop at the first place you see!

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