Saturday 29th September 2012 – Lugovoy to Belbasar.

Lugovoy to Belbasar. 99 miles.

Didn’t get trampled on in the night by the cattle, but I did see them heading that way when I left.

Saw a bit of a nasty accident this afternoon, a car over took me going at quite a speed, don’t know if he didn’t see me until the last minute or what but he turned to quickly, tried to correct it and went off the side of the road, rolled and hit some trees. I didn’t stop to find out if anybody was hurt I think that maybe one person was because the other passenger or driver was trying to get them to come round as they were lying on the ground, the car that was behind them stopped and so did loads of cars coming in the opposite direction, so I knew there was nothing I could do, which is why I carried on riding. A police car passed me going towards the accident so did an ambulance much later!

Finished the day having to do bike repairs, my chain needed tightening, it came off earlier in the day and I also picked up a puncture.

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