Cycle Touring England Saturday 2nd April. Wareham to Brockenhurst. 46 miles

Had a really good start to the day, firstly I managed to get a free nights camping well nearly it cost me 20 pence for the shower! Secondly, I was able to annoy a friend who was staying in his camper van a few miles down the road by waking him up! It was 9 o’clock so it wasn’t as if it was that early but to Mick, I think it is! Not done a lot of miles today I’ve just been ambling along, I was going to go home but obviously, in the end, I didn’t! Met a nice couple at the campsite tonight who have sold everything and are setting off on a cycle ride around the world! I’m just off down to the pub to talk with them some more.


Steam train
Steam train in Swanage

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