Saturday 2nd June 2012 – Duchesne to Vernal.

Duchesne to Vernal. 57 miles.

Very short day today, stopped off for something to eat at lunchtime, when I came out my back tyre was flat, which wasn’t a problem, a bit annoying but these things happen. So anyway fixed that and went on my way, but after half a mile I turned into the wind and there was also a big black cloud approaching, so I though that maybe the puncture was an omen and decided to stay put in this town. Despite it getting very black it never really came to much, think we must have been on the edge of it, as the few spots of rain that did fall were huge and there was plenty of lightning in the distance!

Not a good end to the day I snapped one of my crowns right in the front of my mouth whilst having dinner and I was only eating chips! Look a right numpty now!

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