Saturday 2nd May. Bognor Regis to Brighstone Isle of Wight. 47 miles.

What a small world we live in! On my way to Portsmouth this morning I stopped off in Chichester to buy something, I was just unlocking my bike when a man came up and started talking to me asking me where I was off to, after I’d told him we got talking about what he had done and he said that he’d cycled around the world to which I was obviously very interested in. Well the long and short of it is that he had heard about me when I was doing my world tour and I had also heard of him through my daughters boyfriend! His wife Polly had just had a little girl and he was just going back to the hospital to see them. It was really nice to meet somebody that I’d heard about a few years ago. I wished Mick, his wife Polly and thier now two daughters all the best for the future and carried on my way. The ride to Portsmouth was a fairly quick one as I had a pretty strong tailwind, although it wasn’t quite as good on the ferry crossing over to the Isle of Wight! I also met some other people I’d met before on the ferry! Possible two years ago some lycra clad cyclists from some club or another came into my local pub, what a bunch of tossers they were! Somebody mentioned to them about me cycling around the world and they were so dismissive of it they just wasn’t interested at all they were just interested in themselves, until my friend Sandra started having a go at them telling them what a bunch of prats (and worse!) they were and that they probably hadn’t done anything near to what I’d done! I felt quite embarrassed, but good on her! Needless to say they soon left and have never returned! They had the same arrogant manner about them today pushing thier way through the cars on the ferry rather than just waiting! Tossers! The ride across the island was nice, I’m now just waiting for the rain to arrive which is forecast for later, basically the normal weather we seem to have on this weekend!

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