Saturday 30th June 2012 – Central Square to Jersey City

Central Square to Jersey city. 89 miles

Nice start to the day, I found somebody to bore and ride along with, well for a few miles anyway. She rode with me for maybe half an hour or so and took me away from the main road and also gave me some directions for a bit further up, again away from the main road, which was a very pretty route along country roads.
Nearly made it to New York today, but because of crossing the Hudson river, there’s only one crossing for a bike which was further north, I had to try and pick my way through the roads to get to the bridge, not easy when it seems to be freeways everywhere!
As it was getting on a bit I decided to find a motel, even though I had less than 20 miles to go, but that 20 miles could take a pretty long time trying to find my way through the streets. I found a motel It was $85 just for a room with nothing else, nowhere to eat around and not in the best of neighborhoods and the man on the desk was behind bullet proof glass and didn’t speak english! So i decided to push on. What a bad mistake that was! About half a mile down the road I got knocked off my bike, not sure if I was hit from behind a what, all I remember was hitting the road and skidding along. My immediate reaction was to quickly pick up the bike and bags that had come off and get off the road through fear of being hit again! Luckily a car had stopped and was blocking the traffic, they also called an ambulance as I was bleeding quite a lot from my head, my only concern was the bike. The woman that hit me had stopped a bit further up and came back, all I remember was her saying “well at least I stopped!” The ambulance came along with two police cars and I was immediately put on a stretcher and bound up so I couldn’t move, again my concern was the bike I got told the police would take care of it.
Once in hospital I had x-rays and a full body scan, everything was ok and all I had was a graze on my shoulder and cut on my head which they stapled, now that hurt!
The police had brought the bike to the hospital and once discharged I saw that the only damage was to my front tyre and my panniers had a few holes in them. Changed the front tyre and off I set to find the nearest hotel, which are all really expensive around here $200 a night! Now that did hurt!

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