Saturday 30th May. Luarca to Villaviciosa. 83 miles.

Now that was a hard ride today! Very pretty well this morning and this afternoon anyway. The first part of the day from Luarca to Cudillero was very tough with long climbs and long descents with tight hairpin corners, it was non stop the road was twisting and turning, going up and down whilst all the time there was the motorway that just carved it’s way through the countryside only ever gentle raising and falling, sometimes it was raised up on huge columns that were as tall as a 20 storey building other times I would be looking down on it in the distance whilst all the time my road was twisting and turning following the contours of the land! My road was very peaceful with just a handful of the lycra brigade and some people that were walking the camino all I could hear was the birds twittering away or the rumble from the cars as they would go overhead on the raised motorway there was hardly any cars at all on the road. I think I must have only covered about 30 miles by lunchtime! The middle part of the day from Aviles to Gijon was very industrial with huge steelwork plants and other heavy industrial engineering plants. The ride from Gijon to here was again in the countryside this time it was one big climb and one long descent to here. On the way up it was like being on the Isle of Man with the TT races going on there were motorbikes everywhere all racing up and down the hill! It was very noisy compared to my ride first thing this morning! I eventually finished today at about 8.30pm after nearly 11 hours sitting in the saddle! Think tomorrow maybe another long tough day but I’m hoping not quite as hard a ride!

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  1. Eleven hours in the saddle – you must have an iron will. Those industrial sites and roadworks must be the pits. Hey Dude! the last time I saw you, you had black panniers.

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