Saturday 31st August. Nantes to La Possonniere. 60 miles.

Got checked out by the security guard this morning as I was packing away, who obviously thought I shouldn’t have been there! And who could blame him!

Nantes cathedral

This Loire cycle route is brilliant and so easy, both on the cycling front and for finding your way.

Chateau in Nantes

So far it’s been mainly on asphalt or made up tracks, and the signs are everywhere. I’ve not needed to use any sort of map, I’ve just been following the signs. Of course that’s the kiss of death now I’ve said that!

Cycle signs
Why is there an English cycling sign!

€50 last night €5.20 tonight what a difference and a much better campsite tonight!

2 Replies to “Saturday 31st August. Nantes to La Possonniere. 60 miles.”

  1. Do they wave you through when you cross borders? I really envy that Loire route. All those Chateaux Those bloody English cyclists have ruined it. I expect you can get fish and chips. You’re on the road without a care in the world. This morning I cycled 3 miles by the river Medina in Newport – priceless.

    1. You don’t even know you’ve crossed them these days, not In Europe anyway!
      There are a lot of cyclist here, mostly French, from what I’ve seen!
      Glad to hear you’re out on the bike.

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