Bike-Ride To Australia 31st-December 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia Saturday 31st-December 2011 Dhaka. I went out with the manager from the hotel last night to get some beer! Because the shop wasn’t that near, we went in a Tuc Tuc. What an experience that was! But great fun. When you get in, they lock you inside a cage. The manager said it would protect us from being mugged! Perhaps the warnings from the people on the ferry were right! When I left the ferry yesterday, I was told to watch out for “Ali Barbers!” Robbers!

I spent this morning in a mixture of taxis, Tuc Tucs and rickshaws looking for a box to pack my bike away in. I eventually found one in Farhan’s Cycle Shop, run by a Mr Babo. He didn’t have a box in his shop but sent one of the boys out to find one while we drank tea!

Man women and girl
The Barrs minus Becky

The Barrs had just arrived when I got back to the hotel, which was good. It was nice to see some familiar faces. After they had taken their bags up to their room, we went out for something to eat. Over supper, we caught up with each other’s stories. They’d been cycling across Bangladesh over Christmas on some bikes they bought locally. Then when they’d finished their ride, they donated them to a project that reintegrates street children back into village life.

It’s New Year’ eve, and they’ve closed the bars and alcohol shops! And the riot police are out on the street! Apparently, Bangladeshis aren’t very good at handling alcohol! And as a precautionary thing, they closed them all at midday! What’s the world coming to! It looks like it’ll be a bottle of coke to see the New Year in!

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