Bike-Ride To Australia 5th-November 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia 5th-November 2011 Bitche, France to Pforzheim, Germany. 84 miles. A pleasant ride through the forests that straddle the border between France and Germany. And wait for it, no wind or rain! Plus, it was relatively flat! Although it didn’t stay flat for long. And I was soon cycling up Col du Pigeonnier at 432 metres.

Autumn trees
Autumn colours in the forest along the French/German border

I’m not too sure about these German roads! They don’t seem to have many road numbers, just where the road goes, which is fine if you know where you’re going! I don’t, or rather I do! I’m heading for Australia! But on my map, there are very few towns between one night’s stop and the next. And none of them is on the signs!

I’m staying at a huge hotel tonight, and I’m the only one here! Midweek it’s probably full of businessmen. But come the weekend, it’s dead! Supper was nice tonight. They seem to give you bread as standard with a side dip or spread. It tasted like beef dripping tonight, lovely. I’ve not had that since I was young.

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