Saturday 5th November 2011

Sat 5. Bitche to Pforzheim, Germany. 84 miles. Nice ride through the forests along the French German border, made a nice change to day, no rain and no wind. The first 2 to 3 hours were nice and flat, I knew it was to good to last and it didn’t, I had to go up a col at 432 metres, but it wasn’t too bad, also rode up along the Rhine to Karlsruhe. Not too sure about the German roads they don’t seem to have many road numbers just where the road goes, which is a bit difficult for me as most of the names don’t exist on my map due to it’s large scale! Dinner was nice tonight, they seem to give you bread as standard with a dip or spread, tonight it tasted like beef dripping, lovely not had that for ages.

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