Saturday 5th October. Angers to Tours. 79 Miles.

It took a while to get going this morning, for some reason I couldn’t find the Loire! Or rather I found it, but then couldn’t work out which side I should be on!

Road sign
Now I’ve found it, what side do I want to be on!

Once I’d found the side that I wanted to be on, I still didn’t get very far, something I had for breakfast decided to put in an untimely appearance! I felt as if I was back in Nepal for a while!

Boats water
Boats along the Loire

Thankfully it was all over fairly quickly and I was soon on my way, although I’ve not felt brilliant all day!

One good thing, it made for a fast ride, I was too worried to stop!

Tours cathedral

I started off following the Eurovelo route 6, but then spotted a nice road running along the Loire, so I’ve been on that for most of the day.

Gothic building
Hotel de Ville in Tours

The restaurant in the hotel was closed last night so I had to venture out! Which maybe wasn’t a bad thing, going on this mornings experience!

Nice blister

I really didn’t walk very far, but for some reason my trainers have started to rub and I’ve now got a huge blister on the back of my foot!

4 Replies to “Saturday 5th October. Angers to Tours. 79 Miles.”

  1. 79 miles in spite of all that. I’d have settled for twenty. I had coffee with a mate in Cowes who had just come back from Barcelona. ( But he travelled on a plane) I don’ suppose you’ll meet many fellow travellers at this time of the year. If you get back too early, you can always do a circuit round the Cotswolds. Most cyclists only do one tour a year and pack up for the Winter, Still, you’re in the best place. Tours seems a nice town.

    1. Your right there’s not many other cyclists around at this time of year, lovely and quiet!
      Tours is a nice place, but then most French towns are nice.

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