Cycle Touring England Saturday 5th September. Bognor Regis to Whaddon. 69 miles.

I’m off to Bridgwater in Somerset to get my bike serviced as it’s long overdue, I should have got it done when I came back from Athens which was nearly two years ago now! But with one thing and another I’ve not got round to it and I’ve done over 5000 miles on it since then! I’m cycling there rather than driving as I normally do, as I also want to try out a new tent that I brought last month. One other reason for cycling is that my backs gone again! I’ve not been sleeping, I’m uncomfortable all the time and I’m also in a lot of pain! So there was only one thing to do go on a cycle ride and in the process get the bike serviced and try out my new tent! It’s not that far and I’ll be there on Monday and home Wednesday, hopefully feeling a lot better! Fairly pleasant ride today mainly following cycle routes. It’s been a rather chilli day and I’ve had my fleece on all day. I was having a good day and all was going well until about 10 miles from finish! The road was closed and I had to go on an eight mile detour! Once I arrived at where I thought the campsite was it wasn’t and I had a bit of a nightmare trying to find it, it was a mile in the opposite direction! Still no major problem it’s was just annoying! After pitching my tent and struggling to get everything in (it’s a lot smaller than I’m use to) I then wennt for a shower only to find there was no hot water and I had to have a cold shower! Still the day finished on a good note the campsite is opposite a pub so I’ve been able to relax with a few beers and a nice meal in there.

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