Saturday 6 September. Felpham to Aylesbury, Bucks. 100 miles.

Eventually I’ve managed to get away! I’ve been trying all week, but every time I thought I’d be able to go something came up and this is the longest stretch of time I’ve had in while, I always seem to have some commitment or appointment every few days or so. I was wondering where I could cycle to in the time frame that I have and suddenly it occurred to me, I’ve never been to Scotland, and I did do the Lands end part a few weeks ago so why not cycle to John O’Groats, so instead of doing “Le Jog” Lands end to John O’Groats I’m doing “Bog Jog” Bognor to John O’Groats! Day started off well and had a good ride until I got to Maidenhead where I took the wrong road coming out, I then seemed to spend the next ten miles going on a detour which obviously involved lots of hills! I eventually found Beaconsfield the town I was aiming for where I was going to camp for the night, only to then take the wrong road out again! I then couldn’t find any other campsites so I stopped at several pubs and two hotels which were all full! Ironically I’ve eventually found this faceless international hotel in Aylesbury, the town where I was born and grew up in! Shame I’m not in contact with anybody from school, the ones that I am still in contact with don’t live in Aylesbury anymore!

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