Saturday 7th January 2012 – my last day in Dhaka!

Last full day today. Breakfast seems to be getting less each morning in the hotel, no juice today until I asked, they then sent somebody out for some, the other day there wasn’t any butter, when I asked for some they brought a bowl out which was frozen solid, you could just about make out the butter in the frozen water, but there was no chance of getting it for an hour or so!

Spent most of the day on the computer again, the internet is so slow it takes forever to do anything.

Went to my local restaurant tonight for the last time and had roti and chicken, which has been my staple diet since I’ve been here. When I say restaurant, don’t think for one minute that it’s a like a restaurant we have back home with pretty table clothes, nice tables and chairs and a varied selection of meals and desserts. It has plastic covers on the table so locals can just spit there chicken bones straight out onto the table, it’s lit with bright fluorescent lights and the menu is rice, chicken, vegetables, roti, sometimes beef and fish, but the foods good and the people are very friendly and always trying to help you. I’ll miss the roti and chicken, onto Chinese food now!

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