Scandinavian Bike Ride 28th-April-2015

Garry McGivern’s Scandinavian bike ride Tuesday 28th-April-2015. Bognor Regis to Bognor Regis! 23 miles. Well, I should have been in France by now, on route to Scandinavia. I set off from home nice and early this morning for the ride to Newhaven. Where I was going to catch the ferry to Dieppe, then follow the coast up to Norway.

I was only eight miles from home when I started to get a rumbling in my stomach. I continued to cycle for a few more miles hoping that it would go away. It didn’t. It was getting worse, worse enough that I now needed to find a toilet quickly! Luckily I found one just in the nick of time. Although I did have to grit my teeth for a bit!

I really don’t know what’s given me an upset stomach? The only things I had to eat before leaving home were some noodles. I did finish off a carton of orange juice and a pint of milk. Maybe one of those was off, or they didn’t mix well in my stomach. I don’t usually have this problem at the start of a tour. I’m normally a lot further from home! I tried to continue riding for a short while afterwards, but I just didn’t feel comfortable and was worried that I would have an accident! So I turned around and came home.

I spent the rest of the day at home, not too far from the bathroom! I’ve only had some black coffee and dry toast, which have stayed in, although I’m still not feeling brilliant. Hopefully, I’ll feel okay tomorrow morning, and I’ll be able to restart my ride to Scandinavia.

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