Scandinavian Bike Ride 29th-April-2015

Garry McGivern’s Scandinavian bike ride Wednesday 29th-April-2015. Bognor Regis. After yesterday’s false start, I’ve decided to revise my plans, and I’m no longer going to Scandinavia. There were a few reasons for changing my mind. One of them is that maybe it’s a bit too early in the year and possibly a bit cold. And I might be better off waiting until the summer when it warms up a bit more!

Another factor, which, if I’m honest, is probably the main reason for not going now. Is Scandinavia is renowned for being an expensive area. And after being off work now for over a year with my sciatica, I don’t think the bank manager would appreciate it too much! Or my bank balance, for that matter.

My new plan is to stay at home for a day or two. Then go to the Isle of Wight camping for a night or two. That way, I can keep the tradition of the Isle of Wight weekend going, which has always been on the first weekend in May.

Then on Sunday, I’ll get the ferry from Portsmouth to Spain. Once in Spain, I’ll cycle down through the country to Malaga. Once I reach Malaga, I’ll head along the coast towards Portugal. And then cycle up the Portuguese coast and back into Spain. I’m hoping it will be warmer in southern Europe than in the north of Europe.

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