Sea To Summit Travel Day Pack


Sea To Summit travel day pack
The travel pack closed with a £2 coin for scale

The Sea to Summit Travel Day Pack. An extremely lightweight daypack that compresses down into its own stuff sack and takes up about as much room as a pair of socks.

Sea To Summit travel day pack open
The day pack opened up

Because Garry’s main mode of transport is his bike, he rarely needs a backpack. But there is always the odd time when it comes in handy. Whether it’s playing the tourist, walking around the sites of some city. (not that that happens very often!) Or that trip to the consulate, to get a visa. Where you’re required to present a myriad of documents, everything can be easily carried, in the Sea To Summit Travel Day Pack.

Garry’s pack sits at the bottom of his pannier and get’s forgotten about until the next time!

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