Garry McGivern’s September 2019 Update

It’s Garry McGivern’s regular monthly update for September 2019. As you may remember, at the beginning of the month, I was on tour in the Loire Valley. But after a couple of blisters came up on the back of my hands, I cut the tour short and returned home! I feared it was a repeat of last year’s events that led to my contracting sepsis! Surprising all my family and friends as to how sensible I was. In fact, I even surprised myself!

Once back at home, I went for blood tests, which thankfully came back all-clear! Once I was given the all-clear, I had hoped to return to the Loire, but a combination of things meant I wasn’t able to!

Old fashioned steam engine
This lovely old steam engine came through Bognor this month

Time, I was already pushing it to complete the tour, even before I came home. I had an appointment with my surgeon, who I’ve now seen and have finally got a date for my second-stage hip surgery. It’s booked for November 5th.

I’ve also not been feeling particularly good and have had to go back on steroids! (nothing to do with sepsis, hopefully!)

A very Good Reason

And probably the most important reason for not returning to France my Vicky was due to have her first baby on the 25th of September. Who eventually arrived on the 27th. A little girl named Indya Josie weighing in at 8lb 6oz.

Baby girl
Meet Indya Josie, Garry’s latest granddaughter

I had planned to return to France today, October 1st, but with the weather being the way it is, it’s not exactly cycling weather!

I’ve still managed to get a few trips in this month, only to the New Forest, but it was still good to get away.

Wheel beer robin
A rather friendly robin paying me a visit in the New Forest

My Tour of Ireland page is now on the website, with links to a map of my route, photos and videos, which start to come out on my YouTube channel next Sunday, 6th October.

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2 Replies to “Garry McGivern’s September 2019 Update”

  1. What a lovely baby! The thing is, why did your hips go? Cycling is good for the hips. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could start the new year with a clear health sheet. I’d be scared to take all those steroids. My bike blew into the Medina last Sunday and the bag went floating down river. It was a Spring tide so I had to leave it.

    1. She certainly is.
      Steroids scare me too, maybe it was them that caused the problems in my hip, in the first place!!
      Did the electrics on the bike work after it’s little dip? I’ll look out for your bag in case it washes up along the shore here!

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