September 2020 Photos

September 2020 photos, another quiet month on the cycling front! Mainly due to Garry not feeling that great. Garry has still been busy though, harvesting in his garden, down the pub, with his granddaughter and making videos, for YouTube.

Back in May Garry was very kindly given some tomato plants by his neighbour, which have now started to produce an abundance of fruit! Not that Garry likes gardening or tomatoes for that matter! But it was very kind of his neighbour, and although Garry’s not keen on them, Julie and Vicky appreciate them!

There are also photos from the last few days of the Fox inn, as unfortunately, it has now closed! Another victim of the Covid-19 pandemic!

There seem to be a lot of pictures featuring Garry’s granddaughter, Indya. It was Indya’s first birthday, so Vicky had a small party for her. Indya also enjoyed a can of beer with granddad when she came around to visit! They were also down the pub together. Garry feels it’s important to get children into the right habits from an early age!

There are also more photos from Garry’s world tour in 2012, as Garry’s been busy converting his Flickr photos into videos. Which can be viewed on Garry’s YouTube channel. This month there are photos from the Chinese leg of his ride, as well as Southeast Asia, Indonesia and Australia.

There are also a couple of photos from Garry’s one and only ride this month! A short days ride around the West Sussex countryside.

September 2020 Photos


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