September 2021 Monthly Update

Just about sums it up for me!

September 2021 monthly update from Garry, well, I’m still here. I’ve not been called into the hospital yet! The past week and a half have been spent out and about on some days. Yet on others, I’ve felt pretty rough and haven’t done anything! There’s been plenty of walking on the days that I’ve felt good, with walks into Bognor and a day trip to Brighton. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any cycling, though, as that’s strictly banned!

Along Bognor seafront

The first few days out on parole, I mean at home! Were spent walking into Bognor and catching up with friends. Julie and I went to Brighton for the day, which made a lovely change, especially as I’ve not been there since before the pandemic! I may have cycled there, but that’s been it! Cycled there and turned around! For a change, Julie drove us to Brighton (I’m not allowed to drive yet!), whereas we usually get the train, but they’re a nightmare at the moment! And to get to Brighton from Bognor involves three changes! As opposed to the usual one!

Man and woman on beach
Playing the tourist in Brighton

We spent the day wandering around The Lanes and along the seafront, eating, drinking and people watching! One notable thing was the number of cafés and restaurants that were closed, whether that’s because of the pandemic or lack of staff, I’m not too sure! But hopefully, they will be open again soon. A good day out.

We came across this band in Brighton, unfortunately, we didn’t get their name!

A Thought On My Near Future

As mentioned above, I’ve not heard anything from the hospital yet! Which I must admit I have mixed feelings on! On the one hand, it’s nice to be home and able to get out and about and do things, even though there are restrictions. But on the other hand, I’ve got two operations, a possible broken leg (which apparently I won’t know anything about!) and months of recovery hanging over my head! Meaning I can’t plan anything too far ahead! Even buying fresh food seems a struggle, knowing that I may receive a phone call any minute!

Seagulls on beach
A couple of seagulls enjoying the sun

Cycle touring in the future is undoubtedly going to be a bit more challenging! Even planning any future tours is hard work due to the constant changes bought about by the Covid-19 pandemic! One minute a country is open, the next it’s closed, or it’s open, but you have to quarantine for so many days! The only thing I can do on this front is to work out a rough route for a tour, (which let’s face it, is all I usually do!) then see how things are next year. When hopefully, I’ll be back to full strength!

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4 Replies to “September 2021 Monthly Update”

  1. Hi glad your home but it should be great to go in and get it sort out once and for all. Take care and Stay safe.

    1. Not as glad as I am! I know it needs doing. It’s just the thought of knowing that no sooner will I be over one operation and I’ll be having another one!
      The only consolation is that it’s coming into winter, and it’s a good time to be off the bike!

  2. Ooh! You are a bonny couple and you’ve still got your magic camera. It looks like you’ll have to watch cycle tourists on You Tube just like me. Some of them are pretty amazing not to mention that Mcgivern character..

    1. Haha, I’ve been pretty busy with my camera over the past week or so. It’s something I can do!
      I can only watch cycle tourist videos when I’m able to do it myself! While I’m off the bike, I like to watch old episodes of Time Team! Not too sure about that McGivern bloke! He seems to spend more time off the bike and in hospital than touring!

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