Spanish Bike Ride 14th-April-2011

Garry McGivern’s Spanish bike ride Thursday 14th-April-2011 Daimus to Benicasim. 102 miles. I started the day off cycling through orange groves. It made a pleasant change from all the polytunnels I’ve seen so far.

Futuristic buildings by water
Futuristic buildings in Valencia

While cycling along today, I started to think (don’t worry, I don’t think too often!) about last night’s accommodation. The whole of last night had only cost me fifteen euros. That was for my pitch, a three-course meal, with a bottle of wine and three beers to finish the evening off! I’ll be surprised if I beat that on this trip but pleasantly surprised if I do.

I forgot to mention in last night’s blog, or rather I’d fallen asleep after my bottle of wine. My old friends, the prostitutes, are back. Remember them from my 2009 ride through Spain on the road to Denia? Well, I came across them again, and again it was around Denia, which was a real pain, as far as I was concerned!

I was busting for a pee, but every time I came across a bush, a prostitute would be standing nearby, waiting for her next client. It took me ages before I found a bush with no prostitute near. And even when I did, I was nervous that I might find the prostitute busy with her work behind it! Thankfully I didn’t!

I think I’ve had nearly every type of road today. I started off first thing this morning on quiet country roads. Going through Valencia, it was busy city roads, then coming out of Valencia, I ended up on the motorway. And as usual, I couldn’t find the right road. Luckily, I wasn’t on the motorway for long. I finished the day off cycling along a cycle path.

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