St-Richards-Hospital 10th September 2021

St-Richards-Hospital 10th September 2021, one week on, and I’m still here! After yesterday’s palaver with a new cannula, I wasn’t looking forward to today! To alleviate the problem, or make sure there was the best possible chance of not being a pin cushion again! I made sure that I was fully hydrated (veins are hard to find when dehydrated) by drinking two jugs of water, even before getting up! I was also hoping not to have the same nurse as yesterday! You don’t normally, and thankfully I didn’t!

Fish and chips
It’s Friday!

The doctor who stabbed me yesterday came in this morning to have another go! But after looking at my veins, I decided to wait for the doctor with a bit more experience, coward! Anyway, Claire, the more senior doctor, came in and proceeded to look at my arms and hands. After a good five minutes of taping various parts of my arms, she marked the spot! Haha, guess what? Yep, you guessed no joy! Another few minutes of taping and looking passed before she found another target! And, bingo, she managed to get the cannula in! Thank god for that! All these needles were giving me a phobia!

Air balloon
A passing balloon

I wonder if it’s my body’s way of protecting itself? By hiding the veins, thinking you’re not stabbing me anymore!

Fox in grass
My best effort

The foxes were very elusive again last night, with only one putting in an appearance. My quest to get some good photos will continue! Apparently, one of the foxes is named Garry, after an ambulance driver.

It’s been a rather boring day, waiting for my cannula to be fitted!

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  1. 2015: I went to Nantes; you toured the war cemeteries of Normandy.
    2021: You’re on safari at St Richards; I’m off to Cowes on the No1 bus.

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