St-Richards-Hospital 11th September 2021

St-Richards-Hospital 11th September 2021, rather a pleasant start to the day with a cup of tea in bed! The nurse who took my observations first thing made me a cup of tea!

In conversation with the nurses last night, we discussed how none of us recognises each other outside of the hospital environment. Now we all wear masks! I walked out of the hospital with my mask on as many of the staff were walking in without masks! Normally it’s the other way round, they have to wear them all the time, and I don’t! None of us recognised each other! Yet if it’s somebody you know and they put a mask on, you immediately know them. But because I only know them with their on I didn’t realise who it was!

I think my daughter thinks they starve me in here, judging by the amount of goodies she bought me in yesterday!

Some of the goodies Vicky brought in
They Certainly Don’t! Some Of My Hospital Meals

You can’t go anywhere these days! Just walking into my ward I met an old neighbour, from thirty-odd years ago! She, Linda had been in for the past few nights and was just on her way home. Unfortunately, she was down the corridor, in the opposite direction that I come and go by. Had I known earlier I could have gone along and annoyed her!

Today seems to have flown by, yet nothing has happened! Breakfast done and I went for a walk around the hospital. Came back to my room and it was time for another cup of tea. Tea done and I went to meet Vicky and Co. Then it was lunch, straight after lunch they gave me my antibiotics. I was just about to go for another wander when I was presented with another cup of tea! And before I knew it it was the F1 Italian Sprint qualifying. And that was it really, by the time F1 had finished it was supper time! I think I’m going to leave the hospital a lot heavier!

Family on blanket
Vicky, Paul and Indya today

Sorry if anybody received today’s email earlier, it was only a draft copy and sent by mistake!

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