St-Richards-Hospital 12th September 2021

St-Richards-Hospital 12th September 2021, no tea in bed this morning! Saturday nights are run on a skeleton staff!

I hear some people may not have received yesterday’s email update! Apologies for that. It was entirely my fault for sending a draft version out early, then deleting it! If you want to catch up on yesterday’s update, here’s a link.

Toilet with plants in
Good use of an old toilet

It felt very autumnal out this morning when I went out for a walk. Autumn is definitely here! In fact, it would have been a lovely day to wake up in a tent, rather than a hospital room! Let’s hope I can get some cycling and camping in before the end of the year!

I’m so glad I went away for those brief couple of weeks in June, just before all this trouble started! Speaking of my June ride, the videos I made while away come out on my YouTube channel each Sunday night at 6.30BST, for the next few weeks.

Keep away from my nuts!

While on my walk, I came across a squirrel with no tail! All he had was a little stumpy thing! Despite no tail, he looked happy enough munching on a cone. I took a photo, although it doesn’t show that he doesn’t have a tail.

The tailless squirrel

They changed the dressing on my wound today, which is still looking okay to me. Vicky and her family came to visit. I spent the afternoon watching the Italian f1 Grand Prix, and Julie came over just as the Grand Prix finished. That’s about it for today. Hopefully, I’ve only got two more nights in here!

Girl in wheelchair and 2 men
I’ll go in the wheelchair!
Man and girl
Bye bye grandad

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  1. That Tribhuvan Highway must have been exciting. Even as a grandad you could come out and do 80 miles without any training. All you’ve got to do now is catch Covid.
    You were right about Cowes. There was and endless procession of people and their dogs down the high street and the festival isn’t till next week.

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