St-Richards-Hospital 14th September 2021

St-Richards-Hospital 14th September 2021, woke up this morning feeling much better, and as a bonus. The nurse looking after me last night was the one that always makes me a cup of tea when she does my obs first thing! So glad I woke up feeling good, especially as I’d started to run a temperature last night!

Rowing boat
Pictured in the hospital grounds, it must have been a high tide!

Because my infection markers went up yesterday, microbiology wants a special blood test today. For a special person!! Which has to be done within half an hour of my antibiotics. They’re not too sure whether my IV antibiotics are working or not! They also said yesterday that it could be a reaction to the antibiotics, as I’ve had rather a lot, nine on my last visit and seven on this. I hope so!

Garden party painting
The second part of the garden fete painting

I got a bit of a timeline for my discharge today, which hopefully will be tomorrow! Firstly it depends on the result of today’s blood test. Whether or not I have to continue on IV antibiotics or I can switch to oral. Then tomorrow morning, they’ll check my wound, and finally another blood test! And as long as that comes back okay and my markers haven’t gone up, well, goodbye, hospital!

Man and child drawing
What are you doing, Grandad!

I had my last dose of antibiotics at 4 pm today, which went okay. I’ve just got to wait for my blood results to come back okay now!

2 Replies to “St-Richards-Hospital 14th September 2021”

  1. Is there a Gerry Mcgovern in the house?
    I can get all your books on kindle for nothing. he he.
    Have you done a tour since 2018?

    1. What, the car designer?
      I still get paid, just not as much! Thanks if you have brought them, but if you haven’t, why not?
      2019 was a busy year! But then nothing after that unless you want to count my ride in June earlier this year. But never fear, I’ll be back soon!?!

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