St-Richards-Hospital 15th September 2021

St-Richards-Hospital 15th September 2021, what a quiet night, either that or I slept through everything! Normally I get woken at least once by the sound of an alarm or some new inmates coming in! But absolutely nothing last night! And after talking to the night staff, they said it was extremely quiet.

Even the staff have noticed how long I’ve been here! One of the housekeepers who had been on holiday for a week said: “you’re still here then?” “Hopefully not after today,” I said. This was before my results were in. “At least it’s nice to see a familiar face,” she said, “what would you like for breakfast!”

Plane in sky
Watching the planes fly over from Goodwood Aerodrome
Waiting For Results

Phlebotomists came and took my blood first thing this morning so they could see where my infection markers were! After that, I then spent the morning waiting to see if I was going home or not! And I received mixed reactions from staff when I mentioned it!

Firstly I butted in on a conversation between the nurses, discussing the room numbers going home today. “Don’t forget number 12?” I said. “What are you going home today then?” replied the nurse! “Obviously not from that reply!” I remarked as I wandered back to my room.

Then, later on, when the cleaners were outside my room, they said they weren’t down to clean my room. A sure sign I would be on my way! As the rooms are cleaned every day!

Colourful painting
The third and final part of the garden fete party painting











The wait continued for another hour while I waited for my blood results or for the doctor to check my wound! I completely forgot about last night’s “special blood test!”

Then the email arrived with my blood results. I told you I was a doctor now! Anyway, it wasn’t good! My infection markers had increased fivefold! I then knew I wouldn’t be going anywhere! This was later confirmed by the real doctor, who, bless her heart, tried to put a positive spin on it. She also said that the “special blood test” can take up to 48hrs for a result!

I can’t say I’m worried, what will be will be! But I think I know where this is all going to end up, although I hope not!

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6 Replies to “St-Richards-Hospital 15th September 2021”

  1. I hope you can use the staff restaurant or there’s a local cafe.
    I’m using Castor oil on my bike. It’s really good for rust. You can use WD40 on your hip. he he.
    The festival is on so a lot of cycle routes are blocked till Monday.

    1. Staff restaurant? They’re all Costa’s now!
      Perhaps you could pop over to mine and put some oil on my bike, that’s if it’s not already rusted away!
      You won’t need the cycle paths after jumping around in that mosh pit, along with all the other youngsters!

  2. Fingers crossed for you Garry,if you don’t get out – n -about soon the wheels on my armchair are going to require WD 40…..🍺

  3. Hi you must be tried of that place by now ? but if your unwell it is the best place to be as you live alone if something when wrong during the night and no one there with you it could be dangerous so just stay put till you feel well enough to go home. Check daily for your email reports some night I will read you have gone home, Take care God Bless.Fellow touring Cyclists.

    1. As I said to the doctors, as much as I want to go home, I’d rather stay in a little longer and get sorted out properly. Mind you, that was a week or so ago!

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