St-Richards-Hospital 16th September 2021

St-Richards-Hospital 16th September 2021, haha! Who mentioned going home? I don’t think I’m going to mention it again!

Because of the increase in my markers, I’m back on IV antibiotics four times a day for the time being. Anyway, it depends on my reaction to them! And if they’re not working in the right way, there’s a couple of other antibiotics to try. One of which is very powerful, which they don’t like to give!

Weather vane
Weather vane at the hospital
Things Go From Bad To Worse

Not too sure I’ve mentioned that my hip has swelled up over the past few days! And become more painful. All linked to my markers increasing, no doubt. Anyway, the doctor sent me for an ultrasound scan to see what it was. The radiologist was very thorough, and I was there for a good 45-minutes, with him and prodding and probing! At the end of it, he didn’t say too much apart from “you don’t need me to tell you it’s swollen, do you!” I asked, “so is it fluid that can be drained off or what?” “Unfortunately, it’s a lot thicker than that, and it will probably need opening up to remove it!” He said.

Tea and biscuits
The housekeepers make sure I don’t miss out. I came back to this after a walk!

Shortly afterwards, back on the ward, the doctor came to visit and basically told me what I already knew! I’m off to the theatre again! As to whether it will be another washout or full hip replacement, who knows, they are having discussions about the best way forward. But at least I’ve discounted one option, and that was to operate today! I’d already had my lunch!

And this is all before I get the “special blood test” results, it’s so special, it has to be sent to Bristol! On a brighter note, my infection markers are slightly down today.


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  1. Well you’re fitter than most of us so why aren’t you healing? Are there any viruses in the Hospital? I’ve got a sore hip but I think it’s a lazy glute from sitting too long. Is your hip replacement to cure osteoarthritis? Will that help with the Sciatica?

    1. Maybe I’m not as fit as you think I am? My body’s always taken a long time to heal. Even cuts and scrapes take forever to heal!
      I don’t think any other viruses are going around the hospital. They’re all in me!
      I think if I remember rightly! That I had osteoarthritis back in 2016 and needed a new hip then. That never got done, and when I contracted sepsis, that’s where it attached itself too! It may help with my sciatica, although that’s in the other leg!

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