St-Richards-Hospital 1st August 2021

St-Richards-Hospital Sunday 1st August 2021. What a great night’s sleep I had last night, no alarms going off, no being woken up by the nurse! I just woke up at my normal 5.30ish time. But, and you knew there was a but coming! My dressing had leaked and I had a bed full of blood once again!

Clothes on bench
We all have washing to do

Changing the dressing wasn’t that simple either. Would you expect anything different! Unfortunately, almost as soon as the nurse had changed the dressing it was leaking! Not that I noticed, as I wandered around my room, leaving a trail of blood behind me!

One of the many sculptures around the hospital

Thankfully the second attempt seems to have worked, or at least it’s holding so far!

I managed to leave the ward today and went for a walk along the corridor. It wasn’t very exciting, and nothing I’ve not seen before, but it was a change of scenery!

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