St-Richards-Hospital 22nd July 2021

St-Richards-Hospital 22nd July 2021. Unfortunately I’m back in! They think there might be an infection in my hip! Not sure if it’s the upper layers, which hopefully it is! If it’s, well let’s not go there just yet!

Deja vu or what! It’s three years to the day that I was last on the Emergency Ward, and we all know what happened then!

Two men statue with face masks on

It’s really strange as I had blood tests on Tuesday and they came back ok! But then my body does seem to be very good at hiding things! It took a long time in 2018, to find the infection and sepsis! And apparently my infection markers are rather high! At over 300, but at least they’re not as high as last time. They were over 400 then!

It’s ridiculously busy here, with ambulances queueing outside A&E! But at least those idiots in government have given them all a nice pay rise, not!

God it’s been a long day! No food or drink since 9.30! And no pain relief since 6 o’clock this morning! Which is causing me major grief, as I’ve normally taken at least nine tablets of various types! And that’s on a good day!

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9 Replies to “St-Richards-Hospital 22nd July 2021”

  1. Commiserations man! Was that you? Reminded me of a Henry Moore statue.
    Blood and guts McGivern: Tell’em how you cycled the Nullabar Plain.
    Three bikes have been stolen from an Isle of Wight campsite. How low can you get.

    1. It may well be I don’t know.
      Blimey that was a long time ago, I’d prefer to be there rather than here!
      They just take anything from anywhere these days. They have the same problem in the New Forest!

  2. Please when you get out take it easy as the weather is hot as you know you will sweat a lot this can cause a infection in the surface of the wound if it has not complete closed and healed. Yes I. know as a follow cyclists Tourer we cannot wait too get back on the road again. but please be patient.Take Care will say a prayer all goes well for you. Stay safe Eddie.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. We’ll hope for some good news. Thank you for keeping us updated.

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