St-Richards-Hospital 26th July 2021

St-Richards-Hospital 26th July 2021. Well if it’s not one thing it’s another! Last night after my last intravenous and tablets I turned off the light and settled down. For what I was hoping would be another good night’s sleep. But no sooner had I turned out the light. Than I heard it. That high pitch buzzing, that you normally associate with holidays abroad! There was a bloody mosquito buzzing me! I did try to see it, but couldn’t! The only thing I could do was flail my arms in a vain attempt at hitting it. Whether I did or not who knows, but after several attempts the buzzing stopped!

Not too sure if it was me or not but I found the mossy dead on the windowsill this afternoon!

Mosquito upside-down
The dead mossy

I woke up at 4am with that old man problem of needing the bathroom. Or in this case a bottle! As I turned the light on to get the bottle I noticed that the dressing on my wound had filled up with with blood and had leaked out onto the bed! After beeping the night staff they decided to just patch it up until the morning and let the doctor see it!

It wasn’t the doctor who came, it was my consultant. So that was good news. And after looking at it, he got the nurse to change the dressing to a dressing with a tiny pump on it!

Mini pump
My new pump

As they changed the dressing I saw the wound, blimey! It’s gone from a nice piece of internal stitching, to something you’d see on Frankensteins monster!

Bruised arm
My bruised arm

They’re talking about putting a picc line in me! For longterm antibiotics. I had one in before, guess when? Yep you’ve got it three years ago! It gets more and more like last time! Except I’ve missed out on the coma and sepsis part, thankfully!

I saw a fox in the hospital grounds this morning. Which my daughter said she spotted in the carpark the other day.

4 Replies to “St-Richards-Hospital 26th July 2021”

  1. Well a man after my own heart – never do things by halves!😫😫😫😫
    Sounds like you’re going through the mill again, Garry.
    Keep posting your blog – it might not be entertaining for you, but it is for us!😂😂
    All joking aside, hang on in there and all best wishes for a good recovery without any further hiccups.
    Take care 😘

    1. Thanks Pat, no point in doing half a job!
      Maybe tomorrow will be a quieter day! But I’m not counting my chickens, or mosquitoes for that matter!

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