St-Richards-Hospital 28th July 2021

St-Richards-Hospital 28th July 2021. Haha! Yesterday’s woes continued into the night! With my new level of comfort, I was quite happy to sit up, (sit up in bed that is) and watch TV. It was about 11.30pm and the film I’d been watching had just finished. As I knew I had some more antibiotics to come at midnight I decided to wait for them before rolling over and going to sleep. While I was waiting I thought I’d check out the box on my suction bandage. It was flashing, saying it was full! So rather than call the nurse immediately I waited until she arrived with my antibiotics.

Light panel
My Pico 7 flashing full

When she arrived and took a look, she said “oh my god, it seems to have exploded!” There was blood everywhere! I never noticed it, but it had obviously been leaking for a while! As the bed, my pants and gown were all soaked through!

Pigeon in bush
My new friend

After the nurse changed the dressing and my bed, I changed myself. I’m a big boy now! And settled down to sleep.

Come this morning my new dressing had also filled up! And at £250 per dressing, the nurse said she’d leave it to the doctors to decide what to do next! They’re supposed to last a week she said!

Two horses
Thought this was apt

The doctor looked at my leaking bandage and said she would contact the on-call consultant. It came back that this is all pretty normal and nothing to worry about! But we’ll try a more powerful type, one that will suck out any blood that oozes out!

Pump between legs
My new bigger pump
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6 Replies to “St-Richards-Hospital 28th July 2021”

  1. Hi Garry! After all you’ve been through, I feel ashamed moaning about my painful knee. I twisted it doing an exercise. I use the bike every day now because it’s easier than walking.
    One of the blokes in the flats has a jump bike. It has a single gear and to brake he has to put his foot on the tyre. The saddle is almost obsolete. He stands on the pedals all the time on the way to the skate park. This is a guy of 29 in lycra and white socks.

    1. Exercise, what are you doing? I’ve always said exercising is bad for you! You should have just stuck to the bicycle in the first place, and you would have had your exercises!
      Maybe you should get one of those bikes, that’d sort your knee out!

  2. Omg You are definitely not having an easy time of it!!! Let’s hope that this one works and you are not in too much discomfort xx

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