St-Richards-Hospital 2nd August 2021

St-Richards-Hospital Monday 2nd August 2021. Haha, deja vu or what! After getting up to go to the toilet, which is at the other end of the ward. The nearest one to me has been out of order for nearly a week now, with no signs of being fixed. Anyway, I digress, as I said after walking to the toilet I get in and noticed drops of blood on the floor! It’s me, my wound was leaking again! And I’d left a trail of blood, the length of the ward! But at least it wasn’t as bad as yesterday and it only seemed to leak once I was walking.

Wire sculpture
Another sculpture from around the hospital

Thinking about my wound leaking, it’s been leaking ever since my first or second operation, depending on how you want to look at it, but since July 6th! Cause ever since then I’ve been backwards and forwards to the hospital getting the dressing changed! And of course, a week ago Thursday, 22nd July that’s when it became infected and I was readmitted into hospital.

After my seepage this morning the dressing was removed and I spent the rest of the morning with my arse in the air! While everybody came to have a look and decide what to do. In the end, they’ve shaved around my wound, put some sticky stuff around it, and redressed it! Let’s see what happens this time!

I might have posted this one before?

I had some blood tests this morning. They’re looking really good, with my infection markers now below 30!

Bag and case
Bag packed ready to leave
The Rest Of The Day

I’ve spent the afternoon wondering if I can go home! One doctor says yes, then somebody else says no! Then it’s a yes, but we’ve got to see if the community can come in! And we’ve got to see if there’s a pump available for me! It seems very stressful to me, I just packed my bags and waited to see what happened!

I’m off with the pump attached, goodbye!

And the decision is? To go home, Yah! But I’ve got nurses coming in daily, different nurses coming in every 3rd day I think, and blood tests to attend! But I’ve got to be better off going home! I eventually left the hospital at 7.30, which was just in time, as there was another blockage in the drains! And sewage was leaking into the corridor again!

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  1. This is a serious business. Lord save me from institutions.
    We had torrential downpours here. A cycle camper stopped and asked me the way to Fishbourne. All his gear was sopping wet.

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