St-Richards-Hospital 31st July 2021

St-Richards-Hospital 31st July 2021. Well if it wasn’t a long enough day anyway! This morning I got woken up at 4am by the intravenous driver machine thing going off! Apparently the battery was flat and it needed charging!

Person on chair on lawn
I don’t care where I am, I’m having a coffee and cigarette

They stopped my tummy injections last night. They give them as standard after an operation to thin the blood. To stop blood clots. Mine have been stopped! To speed up the healing of my wound. Which after 72hrs of pumping, doesn’t look any different!

Man and girl
Indya and Paul came to vist

Indya came to the prison, I mean hospital today. But wasn’t allowed in, so Paul her dad bought her to the grass below my window. The window, because of health and safety, or maybe to stop any escapees! Doesn’t open more than a couple of inches! I think Indya was confused more than anything, just seeing a hand waving. They didn’t stop long and made a hasty exit before the guards came and chased them off!

Nothing really happens in here at the weekends, apart from maybe a new prisoner/patient coming in. I did manage to watch the F1 qualifying, which passed an hour or two. And Vicky also came over. It’s definitely starting to get a bit boring now!

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  1. Is it any different from being knackered after a long days ride? The have just dredged the river Medina and it looks really lovely. Had coffee with one of the mariners. Saw a rose bay willow herb growing in a crevice. It’s a long way to Marseilles.

    1. A lot different, I’m on the move then and the scenery changes!
      I bet it does look nice, hopefully I’ll get to see it before the end of summer!
      Marseilles is nearer than you think!

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