St-Richards-Hospital 4th September 2021

St-Richards-Hospital 4th September 2021. I’m still here and definitely in for the weekend. They’re waiting for culture tests to come back before they know what they are dealing with.

At least I’ve now found out what they did to me. Because prior to my operation it was all up in the air. They had to wait until they’d opened me up to see how bad the infection was. And whether or not it would be a washout, as I had last time. Or another full hip replacement!

My old room is up there somewhere, I’m more to the right of this now
The Operation

In the end, it was a combination, they washed the wound out, replaced the stem and some of the cement. And packed it all with antibiotics. The ball of the joint was left untouched, apart from a clean. Apparently, there was a lot of infection, and where my wound was weeping from, there was a big sack of pus! Which had now started to drain back towards the bone!

Mr Wakeling explained to me that we were still in the window to be able to do this. As the alternative would probably involve splitting my femur to remove all the cement and do a full hip replacement!

I shared my room with this little chap last night

Most of my day has been spent in bed! I wasn’t allowed to get out until physiotherapy had assessed me, bloody health and safety! But of course, once they’d been I was fine to get up and move about.

When I came around yesterday I was numb from the waist down! And it wasn’t a pleasant feeling! I think they must have given me the spinal injection that was intended for an elephant! I quite literally couldn’t feel or move anything, for a good two hours after coming around!

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  1. Hi not good news again keep your spirits up no not whiskey or ,vodka .Real hope it goes well for you next week and you get sorted out. Take Care and no dirty dancing with them young nurses. Eddie.

  2. Hey Gary,

    Have you counted how many squares there are on the ceiling yet?

    Its so very thoughtful of the hospital to allow you to bring your pet spider with you for some company, although it does mean you may need to be careful not to sleep with your mouth open 😴💤

    Enjoy the hospital resort style meals with no dishes to do 🙂

    Rest and recover, Peter

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