St-Richards-Hospital 6th July 2021

St-Richards-Hospital 6th July 2021.

The operation, albeit rather long (4-hours) went well. And without any complications. Initially, I was only going to have a spinal injection! But because of previous operations on my back and the length of operation, they decided a general anaesthetic was probably better.

Man in mask
Waiting in pre-admissions

I’m glad to be back in hospital, believe it or not! The pain over the past two weeks has been pretty bad! So bad I ended up coming to hospital last week, just to check the hip hadn’t dislocated! Luckily it hadn’t, but my leg had subsided even further, and was now 15mm shorter than the other!

The quarantine period (after having a Covid test) leading up to my hospital admission was better than expected and didn’t drag. Probably because its been raining for much of the time!

Initially, I was a bit peeved about having the operation at this time! But after realising the school’s break-up soon. It’s probably a very good time. Cause let’s face it, I wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere anyway! Everywhere would have been heaving!

On the ward after my operation

There are rumours going around that I might be allowed home tomorrow! Because there’s of the backlog of operations they’re kicking out people ASAP! My consultant even said they’re trying hip replacements as a day surgery!

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  1. It’s all or nothing with you. The best is yet to come. Out today on the bike tomorrow. he he.

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