St-Richards-Hospital 7th June 2022

St-Richards-Hospital Tuesday 7th June 2022. Well, I’ve finally had my hip operation after having it cancelled last week. It’s been an extremely long day, though. I was in theatre for six hours and then spent another three hours in recovery.

Make sure you get the right hip

The good news is that they didn’t have to break my leg, although it was touch and go; the bad news, which I’m sure is only temporary. My blood pressure is rather low, which is why I was in recovery for so long.

My blood pressure is still low, and they are now talking about putting me on a drip to get some more fluids into me.

I have also been wiped off the hospital’s computer system! So they can’t give me any antibiotics yet (one of the main reasons for being in here!) One minute the nurse was inputting my stats; the next minute, I’d gone, completely wiped off. For some reason, the system discharged me. And, of course, without being on the system, nothing can happen.

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8 Replies to “St-Richards-Hospital 7th June 2022”

  1. A computer error or user error 🙂

    Welcome to the other side, let the recovery begin, assuming they can locate the virtual you that is Mr None Existing Patient 🙂

    1. Computer error, I think. I wasn’t the only one to disappear last night. Luckily virtual Garry and physical Garry are both back now.

  2. Please get well soon. I’m glad you finally got your operation. I’ll almost miss hearing all the unique reasons for the surgery being postponed.

    Thanks for the update.

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