St-Richards-Hospital 7th September 2021

St-Richards-Hospital 7th September 2021, let’s hope for a quieter day! My stomach was really itchy first thing this morning! But, I didn’t really take a lot of notice, especially with my skin being the way it is! I’m always scratching or itching! Anyway, when I went to get dressed I noticed that half of my stomach has been shaved or waxed! What? When or where did that happen? And why? I’ll get back to that one after I’ve seen Mr Wakeling!

Yay, I’ve got the right medication back!

I had the dressing changed on my wound today. Blimey, how long is my scar? It’s a good 12 inches/300mm now? The good news is it looked good to me! And more to the point it looked good to the doctor! Unfortunately, though it’s still weeping, so I’ve got one of those Pico 7’s on again! Deja vu??

St Richard’s hospital, watch out for helicopters!

Julie and her mum came over this afternoon, and Vicky came over in the evening, which was nice and passed some time.

Two ladies on a bench
Julie and her mum

I saw Mr Wakeling late in the day but forgot to ask about the shave! Anyway, there’s nothing new to report. Having the Pico 7 on could be good, or it could be bad! The samples that were taken from me while in theatre are still with microbiology. And don’t show any new infection, or that the old infection is there either! Which, is good in one way or maybe not in another!? It’s all just a game of waiting, to see how what way my infection markers go. And watching to see if my wound stops weeping. So I’m in the hospital for?? Who knows how long!

4 Replies to “St-Richards-Hospital 7th September 2021”

  1. Nice photo of Julie and her mum.
    Well there was that time you cycled over the Alps and stayed at Samoens.
    The Autumn leaves will soon drift past your window.

    1. Samoens, lovely place. Funnily enough I was working for one of the consultants who works here in the hospital.
      I’d rather the autumn leaves were drifting past my tent door!

  2. Keep your head up hopefully you will get it sorted this time nice few days weather wise but it won’t last long evenings are drawing to a close but we will stock up the fire batten down the hatches and await spring. Takecare.

    1. No point in getting down about anything, it is what it is!
      Typical there’s nice weather when I’m stuck in here, and can’t go anywhere! I was planning to be away once the kids had returned to school!
      Dark evenings a sure sign winters on it’s way, but we can still have some nice weather!

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