St-Richards-Hospital 8th June 2022

St-Richards-Hospital Wednesday 8th June 2022. Not a great night last night. I didn’t get any sleep at all. There was too much noise. Mainly due to nurses and doctors trying to get a cannula in me. And alarms going off because my stats weren’t good.

Every time they struggle to get a cannula in me. Last night it took two nurses, a doctor and ten attempts to find a vein and get a cannula in. Then after they did finally manage to get a cannula in me, they were able to give me some antibiotics.

Bloody monitor

Once the cannula was sorted, the alarms started. First, it was because I wasn’t breathing enough. They muted that after a while because they knew I was alive and taking a breath! Just not enough. Then the alarm sounded because of low blood pressure. Every half hour that went off. And to finish the night off, every time I started to nod off, another alarm sounded, which was so short nobody knew what it was for. They gave up with it all in the end and removed all monitors.

They then started cutting the grass on the hospital grounds at six-thirty. That’s when I gave up trying to sleep. I thought six-thirty was a bit early, especially around a hospital. But maybe they do it on purpose to get everybody up.

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2 Replies to “St-Richards-Hospital 8th June 2022”

  1. With all that grumbling you must be feeling better already🙂

    I can relate first hand to the post-op low oxygen and low BP alarms. It certainly makes you appreciate home. We are very fortunate to have quality health care and all these first world problems 🙂

    Enjoy your morning and afternoon naps

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