St-Richards-Hospital 8th September 2021

St-Richards-Hospital 8th September 2021, well that was a good night’s sleep, possibly my best yet! Which was probably down to the fact that I’d done a lot of walking, or I was more comfortable. Now they’ve sorted out my pain relief!

Statue of two people sitting
Statue in the main entrance to the hospital

After Vicky’s visit last night I walked with her car, on the way we spotted some foxes. I was told that there’s a family of foxes living in the bushes across from the hospital. I think I may have mentioned something about a fox on my last stay here. Anyway, after spotting them I said goodbye to Vicky and went back to my room to get my camera. Proper cameras are still a lot better than phone camera’s, even if you have the latest phone.

Building with windows
The old main block of the hospital

My room overlooks the bushes so I didn’t have far to go, apart from two flights of stairs! I got back, got my camera and went back outside where the foxes were playing. They were very cautious, as you might expect, but didn’t runoff. So I was all set to take some pictures. Unfortunately, even though I was pretty quick getting my camera the light had gone, so I was unable to get any good photos! But I’ll try again this evening, now I know where they are.

My only half-decent picture

I had more blood tests today, which show my infection markers coming down. Not that they were that high anyway, so that’s good. Unfortunately, though my wound is still weeping!

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