Summer 2022 Bicycle-Tour Map

This Google map is from Garry’s summer 2022 bicycle-tour. It shows where Garry spent each night on his 800-mile ride around France. Behind each pin is a brief description of the day’s ride and the miles cycled.

Garry had left home with the intention of cycling to Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Belgium. But with bad health, Garry was struggling to get through the day. He was recently diagnosed with anaemia which was making cycling hard work. While he was away, he also had another outbreak of the mysterious blisters that had been plaguing him for a few years. Which the doctors think is linked to his ongoing hip infection! (what isn’t related to his hip infection!?) That didn’t help the situation.

You can find out more about this tour by visiting the Summer 2022 bicycle tour page.

Summer 2022 Bicycle-Tour Map

To see where Garry is at the moment, visit the where’s Garry web page. You can also follow Garry on social media Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. If you’re interested in any of Garry’s previous rides, they can all be found on the previous bicycle tours page. There is also a page with a map showing all the countries Garry has cycled in or across. With links to each tour.

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