Sunday 10th August 2012 – Tbilisi to Qazax, Azerbaijan.

Tbilisi to Qazax, Azerbaijan. 66 miles.

Crossed into Azerbaijan today, not the smoothest of crossings, getting out of Georgia was fine, got to the Azerbaijan border post and got pushed from one window to the next and back again, but it was all done in a very friendly manner.

I was quick to realise that I’ve lost another hour, also found out that this is a muslim country! Don’t think beer will be as easy to find as in Georgia (it was easier to find beer than water, they sold it everywhere!) but I’ve seen a far few bars, but maybe that’s because I still fairly close to the border, we’ll see as I get further in the country!

First impressions are that there very friendly people, nearly everybody that I’ve passed has smiled and waved, even the cars have been tooting and waving! Which makes a change, Turkey and Georgia they tooted you all the time, but it was more of a get out of the way, I’m coming through blast! As for the speeds in Georgia don’t think they had any speed limits or if they did nobody took any notice, it was a bit like being back in India!

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