Sunday 10th June 2012 – McCook

Got up as normal today and went and had breakfast. Whilst having breakfast I over heard some bikers talking about the weather today and that there was a weather warning out because of the high winds!

After hearing that I quickly went on line to have a look for myself and yep they were right, 25-35mph winds with gusts of 50mph and it would have been blowing right across me! After the past few days of battling against the wind I couldn’t face another so decided to stay put.

I asked the girl on reception if there was anything to do around here, not much really she replied apart from frisbe golf! Which intrigued me, apparently it involves throwing the frisbe huge distances and trying to get it into a basket, not the best of things to do in such a wind maybe! Spent the day doing office bits and looking out of the window watching the trees bending in the wind. Thinking I probably made the right decision.

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